Friday, February 1, 2013

**LAST UPDATED 10/10/16

Maggot-Ridden Turdbirth Tapes is a shitty (and I MEAN shitty) sub-label of Stench Of Carnage Tapes that will have shitcore, NO-fi noisegarbage, and complete retard shit tape releases ONLY that'll be strictly limited to 15 copies each! Why the fuck make more?? The layouts will also be as shitty and god-awful as the sounds you'll hear! Only for the most deranged garbageheads! This "label" will make Stench Of Carnage Tapes look professional, I promise you that! *Stench of Carnage tapes is now R.I.P., but this shit "label" slowly but surely lives on!


(MRT 001) BIG ASS- "Ass Worship" demo tape 2013
Vomit/noise/shitcore with pitchshifter growls, a vacuum, a box for drums, and an obssession with big, round-assed women! GOD I NEED TO GET LAID! Recorded on a tape recorder for maximum annoyance!

CORRODED OVUM is irritating shitnoise that has old pop songs thrown in the mix but just to be made fun of all with static, screeching, moaning, and retard ranting recorded on a hand recorder and un-mixed for maximum shittiness! Mission accomplished! BRAINLESS BAG OF SHIT truly lives up to its name with some playschool my first keyboard-core retardedness with growls, moans+groans, and retarded ranting! A REAL shitfest here!

(MRT 003) STIFF KLEENEX- "I Jack Off 10 Times A Day" tape 2013
Some poppy, goofy-ass masturbation-obsessed SHIT that'll have you dancing around the room like the retard you are!

(MRT 004) TOILET GRINDER- "Use This To Wipe Your Ass" tape 2013
Filthy fucking vomit/noise/shitcore with static noise, pitchshifted growls+moans, and banging on a box and metal pipe! Pure toilet bowl shitnoise garbage to wipe your butt to (or with)!

(MRT 005) SHORT BUS RETARD- "Special Clubhouse" tape 2013
Noisy-as-fuck shitcore with, box drums, vacuums, other irritating noisesand GUESS WHAT KIND OF VOCALS! NEE! NAR! OH NO!

(MRT 006) PEE- "I Really Gotta Pee!" tape 2014
This is about as simply fucking retarded as it gets! As stupid as you think this might be, YOU'RE RIGHT! Complete nothing better to do than record something kind of SHIT!!! Enjoy!

BUB MARLEY is beyond fucking bizarre noiseshitcore with crazy ass jungle beats here and there and SHANAYNAYS WITH SHILLELAGHS is even more bizarre shitnoise with reverse pitchshifter complete fucking WEIRDNESS! A BEYOND wacked tape here!

(MRT 008) ANAL MISCARRIAGE- self-titled tape 2016
INCREDIBLY shitty and filthy vomitnoise that sounds like it was recorded inside a flushing toilet bowl!!!



*After each tape is sold out, there will be bootleg copies available if you're stupid enough to actually want one! It's basically the same thing except not hand-numbered.

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